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Terra Nova Digital is a one-stop digital marketing shop for conscious entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, creators, visionaries, coaches, leaders, and innovators seeking dynamic digital designs, results-driven strategy and a healthy dose of digital propulsion.

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We are specialists in:

Online Strategy & Digital Coaching

With our digital coaching and online strategy services, we'll help you maximise your online marketing potential. Together we create a results-driven strategy that skyrockets your marketing efforts.

Lead Capture & CRM Automation

Our digital professionals provide a wide range of marketing automation and lead generating solutions that produce lightning-fast results. We bring a plethora of digital experience to your business!

Website & Logo Design

As website and logo design specialists, our modern and majestic design styles go hand in hand. In today's competitive world, our re-evolutionary design services increase your chances of success.

Social Media & Digital Support

You'll find everything you need right here, from social media gurus to digital ad experts to online course experts. The team is already on standby. We're ready to fire up your marketing machine and get things moving.

Hi Vibe Art & Digital Designs

Inspired by life, energy, colour, and geometry, our high vibe art and digital designs bring your imagination to life. We also design high-quality digital artwork tailored to the needs of any individual or business.

Digital Animations & Video

We create 2D and 3D animations, visual effects, and motion graphics. Whether you need a video opening sequence, an animated logo, a captivating scene, or even a video editor and animator, we can assist you.

Digital Strategy Session

Would you like us to perform some digital magic for you? Schedule a 30 minute, complimentary online digital strategy session below to receive our one-to-one support and digital guidance. In addition to this you'll also receive a folder of top-quality designs and digital templates you can use in your own business.

Examples of our work

What people are saying

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Karl has helped me to rebrand, design logos, design a book cover and strategise how to market my leadership wellbeing (self-hypnosis) teaching services to my target market. He is both tactical (super smart) and creative (intuitive) as well as being patient, kind, and genuinely interested in your vision, mission.

— Carmelle Riley, Manifestors Unite

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Karl helped Austin Digital generate leads via LinkedIn. I was blown away by the amount of interest and new leads we received via LinkedIn. 


— Marilyn Austin, Austin Digital

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I feel very fortunate to be working with Karl. He definitely has a clear understanding of our brand and marketing mix and has a strong focus, and productive results along with never-ending optimism, determination, and perseverance.

— Ellie ter Haar, Conscious Trader

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Karl is always searching on how to get better results for his clients. Researching what is possible and what he can tweak to get the results is a joy for him.

— Janet Dougherty, Mindset Coach

Conscious Clients & Global Reach

The majority of our clients are right across the globe. For example, we have clients in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom, to mention a few.

Other Services

Do you have any further needs, such as a Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, designing a printed deck of cards, NFT design, content and marketing for online courses, personalised merchandise, looking to setup a CRM, etc?

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