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Terra Nova Digital Art Gallery

Quantum Inspired Artwork

Utilising our Quantum Inspired Digital Art, you can breathe new life into your marketing, business, home, and indoor living spaces. Our quantum inspired artwork, influenced by the lives and works of artists and inventors such as Nikola Tesla and Leonardo Da Vinci, combine a precise mix of colour, geometry, symbolism, and imagination to create stunning and complex visuals; an astonishing reflection of the living field that connects us all.

Browse a selection of our digital artwork below, or contact us at the bottom of the page to commission us to create your own customised designs.

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Terra Nova Digital Gallery

Circular Diamond


Violet fractal


Rainbow Spiral


Blue Orb Crystal


Violet High Res Geometry


Rainbow Toroidal Field


Aqua Emerald


Customized Digital Art Requests

If you want to see your own vision come to life, allow us to design a one-of-a-kind work of art for you. In addition to this, we can also create a wide range of 3D concepts, designs, animations, and video sequences.

Please let us know your requirements in the form below: